Todd Schmitt: Former AAA RHP Several MLB teams


1. Could you tell us your story on dropping down?

 I was playing catch with my dad in our back yard when I was about 9 years old.  I changed my arm angle and I threw the ball much harder.  After that I threw that way my entire life.  I did skip a lot of stones as a kid and that arm angle was always very natural for me.


2. What are some of the advantages you had from your arm angle?


My ball had a lot of movement inside to right handers and because I through from the right side of the rubber I think it made righties uncomfortable.


3. If you didn't drop down, do you think you would have had the same success?

No.  I think I would have been just another right handed pitcher, who through in the low 90's.

4. What would you tell someone debating on changing their arm angle?

 Listen to your body.  I never had any arm pain from my arm angle and I always felt comfortable, it was not forced.  So my advice would be to experiment with it, but if you have pain or it does not feel natural I would not drop down.

5. Are there any mechanical tips that you'd give to someone throwing sidearm/submarine?

Same as throwing overhand.  Weight back, stay closed.

6. What pitches did you throw?

Fastball 3/4 and one a little lower, Curve, Slider (Frisbee), and Split Finger.

7. How did you pitch to lefties/righties?

For both righties and lefties, work ahead and stay ahead.  For righties get two strikes and then the Frisbee.  Lefties mostly stay away and then split finger.

8. Lastly what was your favorite part about pitching from down there?

 I loved having hitters tell me how much they hated facing me.  Also, while I was in AAA with the Padres I was on the team with another fellow side-armer (Sean Fesh).  We were both relievers and warming up on the same time.  Fesh was left handed and I was right.  The opposing coach on third looked at our manager (Tim Flannery) in the dugout and said what the #$@& is that going on down there.   I am sure from where he was standing it looked like a Freak Show, for Fesh and I was just another day at the office.