Rei Martinez: RHP Great Britain National team 2016 WBC



1. Could you tell us your story on dropping down?

  my story on dropping down is . I used to play catch with my dad as he was a pitching coach and sometimes when i was playing catch with him i start dropping down just for fun until i got the grip of it.


2. What are some of the advantages you have from your arm angle?

 Some of the advantages i have is that most of the hitters are used to seeing a pitcher that throws from over the top and the advantage i have is that i can mix it up.  I can throw from over the top and sidearm with out changing the velocity or arm speed. I think for a hitter it could be quite difficult.

3. If you didn't drop down, do you think you would have had the same success?

 When i was playing back home in cuba i used to throw from over the top and i was quite good i had a good speed but i have to say after all this i wish i would of dropped down earlier yes.


4. What would you tell someone debating on changing their arm angle?


5. Are there any mechanical tips that you'd give to someone throwing sidearm/submarine?

About the mechanical tips is to practice doing it in the bullpen. I mean anyone can throw sidearm playing catch but it is different when you are pitching to get the location that I want in a game.

6. What pitches do you throw?

i throw fastball from over the top and sidearm, 2 and 4 seam, curve and slider. And again all from over the top and sidearm. But am starting to practice the change up and sinker. My velocity at the moment is fastball clocking in at 87 but my goal is to get to 90 by December.

7. How do you pitch to lefties/righties?

 I pitch to both of them the same way but i like to mix it up for example i normaly start from the top and depends how well are they swinging and ones i got ahead 2 strikes i normaly change the angle because is likely that they are not expecting me to come with the sidearm.

8. Lastly what is your favorite part about pitching from down there?

   My favourite part is that it is a pitch that hitters are not used to seeing a lot and it is harder to hit than coming from the top.