Brian Moran: LHP - Florida Marlins/Blue Jays



 1. Could you tell us your story on dropping down?

I dropped down to sidearm in 2016. I thought it would help increase my deception, so I started reading about how to throw sidearm. I tried it out a few times in bullpens, and it felt really natural. I haven't looked back ever since.


 2. What are some of the advantages you have from your arm angle?

 I can be deceptive at that angle, and it makes my breaking ball sharper.

 3. If you didn't drop down, do you think you would have had the same success?

I think throwing sidearm has helped advanced my career, but the way I pitch overall is not that different than how I pitched prior to 2016. I think combining the mechanics that I developed earlier in my career with throwing sidearm made me the pitcher I am today. 

 4. What would you tell someone debating on changing their arm angle?

Give it a try. You can always go back to what worked for you before.


 5. Are there any mechanical tips that you'd give to someone throwing sidearm/submarine?

Just try to drop to a lower arm slot that still feels natural. That's what has given me the best results.

6. What pitches do you throw?

I throw fastball, change up, and slider. My velocity is 85-88.

  7. How do you pitch to lefties/righties?

I use more sliders against the lefties and more change ups against the righties.

8. What is your favorite part about pitching from down there?

 My favorite part is that I have a different look than other pitchers, and it's also fun to talk pitching with other sidearm pitchers.