Anthony Herrera: RHP Mexican League AAA 

 1. Could you tell us your story on dropping down?

After my junior year of high school is when I started experimenting with throwing sidearm. The reason I started looking into the pitching method was all by mistake if I am being honest, it was while playing catch in summer ball and a coach suggesting that I try it out off the mound and I spent most of the summer in between games working on the mechanics and looking at videos of other guys in the big leagues that had the same style. The main reason I stuck with it was because my high school team was going to need an extra arm for the season and I finally wanted to opportunity to pitch.


 2. What are some of the advantages you have from your arm angle?

  Some advantages I feel like I have from that my arm angle is being able to hide the ball a lot longer and add a lot more deception to my pitches versus coming over the top.

 3. If you didn't drop down, do you think you would have had the same success?

 If I had not dropped down I'm not sure I would have been able to have the career I have had so far, when there isn't many guys that throw from that angle it helps with getting more opportunities to show what you got.

 4. What would you tell someone debating on changing their arm angle?

For someone who is debating on what arm angle they want to throw at I would say whichever angle you feel you have the most control with all your pitches then that's the one you go with. For me it was the fact I was able to get more movement on my fastball by barely sacrificing any velocity.


 5. Are there any mechanical tips that you'd give to someone throwing sidearm/submarine?

Anyone that throws from a lower slot I would say the biggest things are to make sure your hand separation and legs are synced on time and neither is going earlier than the other causing you to rush forward. Also not trying to create the movement on your pitches making sure to stay down and through all your pitches to create consistent movement.

6. What pitches do you throw?

 Fastball/Sinker (86-89), Slider (76-79), Change-Up (75-79)

  7. How do you pitch to lefties/righties?

Righties I try to expand the strike zone away when I can but also going inside a lot to make sure they don't try to divide the plate up thinking I only go to one side of the plate, lefties I like to go in early and working the zone more up and down versus east to west.


 8. What is your favorite part about pitching from down there?

My favorite part about being a sidearm guy is that their isn't main guys doing it which makes it harder for hitters to adjust to our slot.