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My name is Geoff Freeborn. I was fortunate enough to play professional baseball for 5 years on 5 different continents for 2 different national teams. Throughout my high school/college career that was my goal to play professional baseball. I had surgery on my left hand when I was 16 which definitely hurt my chances of ever being drafted but that didn't stop me. I battled shoulder problems throughout my college career and gradually my velocity dropped.

In my sophomore year of college I was topping out at 88-90 but then my senior year only 85mph and that was giving everything I had and it hurt a lot! During my first season of Indy ball, I was struggling during the first half of the season with my ERA hovering around 6.50. Before batting practice of the first game of the second half, my manager called me into his office, I thought I was getting cut. He asked if I ever thought about dropping my arm angle, basically in a nice way said I need to or else I'm getting released! So went to outfield to work on it and threw a bullpen from down under, instantly felt better on my arm. That night I was thrown into a tie ball game and got my first ever pro win, it was a pretty crazy turnaround.


The following year I was a Northern League All-Star and had interest with several MLB teams once again. It was something different that caught their eye. Instead of being just an average lefty throwing over the top mid 80's, I was throwing the same speed but from a much lower angle. It was fun!! Pitching was fun again!! It is something I definitely wish I did earlier in my career, felt so much better on my shoulder. When I dropped down realized there isn't really much out there on sidearm/submarine pitching and came up with the idea of sidearmnation...I hope this site can help many pitchers out there all over the world.

Bats: Left, Throws: Left
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 190 lb.
Born: January 30, 1981 in Red Deer, Alberta, CA (Age 30)

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