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Mike Busch - Manager and former MLB player

"Geoff Freeborn was good lefty out of the bull pen for me but really needed to alter his style as he wasn’t over powering or….well he just needed something more. I offered an idea to him to drop down side arm and get way over on the left side of the rubber as he faced home plate. He was a real good student and was patient with me and the change. Needless to say it was Geoff’s persistence and determination to better his new style which ultimately earned him as the best relief pitcher that year and was named to the All-Star team!!! Lefty pitchers dropping down, offers a different angle to hitters that they are not accustomed to and is very challenging to face, especially to left handed hitters. Those same lefty’s find it hard to stay square in the box and take quality swings against. I highly recommend that if a left handed pitcher doesn’t have over powering pitches that he give dropping down a chance to give him the opportunity at advancing his career."


Stephan Rapaglia - Former Manager Great Britain National Team

"In my 15+ years of coaching at the collegiate, international and professional levels, Geoff was one of the finest all-around athletes that I had the opportunity to work with. And, his outstanding and clutch pitching performance in the 2007 European Championships was critical to Great Britain winning the silver medal."


Aaron Myette - Former MLB player

"Geoff has a great knowledge and insight on the benefits of pitching sidearm. As a sidearm pitcher himself, his experience gives a first hand look into what it takes to be a successful sidearmer at high levels. His dedication and enthusiasm for pitching are qualities that all levels of aspiring sidearm pitchers can learn from."

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